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  • History
    History of the Art Pyramidа Group began in 1982, when Igor Stepanov enrolled in art school in Kremenchug.
  • History
    In the period 1997-1999. very small but friendly team of universal workers - all had to manufacture, assemble and sell. All were students create outdoor advertising!
  • History
    The first step is the reconstruction of the building, which in the future will be the production location and offices ART PYRAMIDА GROUP (Dnipropetrovsk city. Michurina). We can say that we have built everything from \"scratch.\"
  • History
    The first obvious result of external transformation of our company. Comfortable environment for employees - the key to quality work.
  • History
    Today we have a spacious, clean and light industrial premises, equipped with everything necessary. The introduction of lean manufacturing and 5S, which can save time, save the order and produce quality products.
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    Here\'s what our company now. We are always open to guests. Here you can plunge into the world of the advertising industry and see it for themselves. We are always glad to see you!
History History History History History History

In summer 1982 in art school in Kremenchuk examination results are known. "Hooray, I entered!" joyfully cried the eleven teenager. It was the basement of our company foundation in those years. After this event it took many years of studying, part-time work with Soviet monumental mural panels, painting " matrioshkas and eggs with churches" and finally the first signboard in 1992. We learned the science entitled "Production of advertising" under the guidance of our teacher in the workshop of Dnepropetrovsk State Art College of Vucetic.

After working at first commercial firm in Dnepropetrovsk for the production of advertising at the end of 1993, I decided to start my own business. We bought a mature company and three years later on the 7th of September in 1997 the company Art-pyramid was founded. "Why Art pyramid?" you will ask. Pyramid is the most stable figure, and the word "Art" tells about the art, and at that time financial pyramids worked. So the "Art-pyramid" sounded more reliably and succinctly.

We had been working productively for 6 years, learning with a young country, Ukraine, new opportunities. There was the growth of the economy, there were new materials and technologies. We've already had about 20 people in staff by 1999. But then an unexpectedly difficult period of 2000 came: economic decline, the competition and we found out the word "dumping" the first time. Companies of our sector had to work for low profit just in order to survive. We understood –that it was time to change something. In 2001 a new company "Factory advertising Art-pyramid" was established. This enterprise was a new format and a new billing and accounting system with the introduction of new technology and updated equipment fleet.

Our company had been working successfully for the next 10 years reinforcing its position in the market of outdoor advertising. During the recession of 2008-2009 we quickly reformatted our company, so not only survived, but got a lot of new experience. At the present the company is under a regular transformation. Market conditions dictate new approach to business - old methods don't work anymore. So we went to the new plan. Our plan included three components: the introduction of an ideology based on the Mission and Values of the company, the introduction of " Thrifty manufacturing" technology and the relentless both the employees and the company in general development. Now you can see the results of this plan, but we're not resting on our laurels.

We create a national company of the European level, from which the client will receive the maximum needed and additional services, service and warranties, and employees will receive a high level of social standards.


Stepanov I.V., founder of Art Pyramid Group".