контакты Арт-Пирамида

Our team

Director: Pryhodko Petr


Head of Client Department: Natalia Chyzh
Client Manager: Victor Kozak
Sales Managers: Chekaleva Anna, Lisnyak Julia 



Production Director: Andrew Astashenkov
Installation crew ManagerGerasimenko Paul
Head of Support: Fundovoy Maxim
Еngineering department Manager: Serduk Victor
Еngineers: Vladimir Panchenko


Senior accountant: Milenkaya Elena
Accountant: Mikylyak Julia


The company ART PYRAMIDA GROUP is on the market of outdoor advertising since 1997.

This is not just a producer, this is a company with great corporate culture and the culture of production, where every employee is clearly aware of the mission and values ​​of activity.

The growth of each employee is the foundation of the Company development at all. Our team consists of professionals only, in love with their work. All employees participate in seminars and conferences, constantly raising their level of knowledge and skills. Thanks to the efforts of our close-knit team, ART PYRAMIDA GROUP has received many awards and diplomas at various events, competitions and exhibitions related to promotional activities.

All new employees we nurture with our forces and feed with new knowledge. Each new employee having come to our Company is passing “School of Advertising”, where he is taught all aspects of operations of a company. Everyone has a development perspective. We appreciate the initiative and creativity.

Team cohesion is the basis of the success of the Company. Only unified team can achieve success.