контакты Арт-Пирамида


Strukov O. - Director of Company "Fora": 

For three years of cooperation Art Pyramidа Group approved as high level professional. It's very pleasant to receive high quality and efficiency of their work. It's pleasant to deal with company's managers and designers, they know oats.  Art Pyramidа Group is reliable highly experienced advertisiment partner, in work of which you can be 100% sure.

Kirpichev O. - Head of retail, "Kyivstar":

With «ART Piramid Group" we have been cooperating since 2008. During this period, was made more than 160 front signage and advertising equipment for customer service centers.
During the period of cooperation company has proved itself as a reliable Partner of which produces high quality products in time. Adequately perform the warranty commitments. Characterizing itself as an initiative and high productivity in solving unusual problems.  

Miscavige O. - Director of Marketing and Advertising Company "Fora": 

During the cooperation with «ART Piramid Group" has established itself as a professional and reliable partner. The main quality of this company is a high degree of organization and efficiency of staff, a willingness to react quickly on circumstances.
I would like to notice on high potential of the company, its focus on further successful development and prosperity. We recommend The "ART Piramid Group" as a reliable partner.  

T. B Pugach - Ltd. Allo:

ART Piramid Group is our partner in the field of visual advertising. During the cooperation, this company has confirmed its high professional status, competence and activity in their tasks. The big advantage is that the projects are carried out throughout Ukraine. This has helped us to rebrand the entire chain of stores quite quickly.
We recommend The "ART Piramid Group" as a reliable partner.  

M.F. Timofeev - Ltd. TRADESHOES:

Our company has been cooperating with "Sign Factory Art Pyramid" from 2012. During this period the Company has executed advertising design for about 20 stores in Ukraine and has established itself as a reliable partner. The employees are characterized by high professionalism, initiative and productivity in solving unusual problems. The products are of high-quality and are consistent with our expectations.
We recommend «Sign Factory Art Pyramida" as a professional advertising partner.