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LEDs - it pays!

They say the new technology is unnecessarily expensive. Agree or disagree with this - do your worst. But we decided to check and count. The calculation was made for illuminated signs. One of the signs we have traditionally highlight fluorescent lamps, and the other "expensive" LED modules. Without going into details, we note that the cost of LED equipment was two times higher.
And there would have to stop and accept the pessimists, but we went ahead and calculated the cost of electricity, which is essential for both signs. Cause the calculations themselves and numbers is not necessary, it is worth noting just two simple things: the cost of electricity for the LED lights below six times, the payback period of investments in LED lighting is less than one year. And the most important lifetime of LEDs more than 3 years. Draw your own conclusions.

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 We can quickly implement the replacement of lamps to LEDs. Make an investment in the success of your business!