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The choice of color - the basis for success!

Internal and external design of the store color plays a key role. At a subconscious level colors perceived by the buyer and the effect on its behavior. Therefore, the choice of colors should be taken seriously and responsibly.

The color scale of the store must be chosen in accordance with the psychological goods and services that are sold. The following will describe the detailed examples for different types of goods.

We should avoid the color monotony with the goods when you make a rack for goods. This product must stand out from the overall design shop. Ideally, you can not use more than two colors at a window dressing, but it can be a lot of shades.
Color also affects the perception of space. Cool colors visually expand the space, and warm the opposite - narrow space.

In the organization of color composition store lighting plays an important role. No need to feel sorry for the world - it will help to perceive the colors matched to process store. Besides, good lighting is very necessary personnel for ease of use and for customers - in order to better examine the product. Good lighting improves performance, reduces efficiency and dark, but also harmful to the health of persons.

Color schemes interior design is desirable to change depending on the season. In summer you should use shades to evoke the green, sun and plants, and in the winter people are more receptive to argent and clarity.

Below we describe a number of recommendations on what colors and shades are recommended in the design of stores:

1) Dairy Store - cleanliness, product color (white);
2) to store wine - style and significance (plum wine);
3) for a music store - suitable red, gold, black, purple color
4) Pharmacy - white, purple, green
5) for the design of jewelry stores - suitable yellow, gold, purple, bright blue, light gray, ocher)
6) Weapon - khaki, brown, olive, green and gray
7) for the kids' store - bright colors in the design of simple and discreet background gamma and bright products or other accessories
8) for cosmetics - suitable blue-pink range, bright shades of purple
9) shop, which sells lamps - brilliance, brightness (gray-metallic palette, muted soft gamma)
10) for the gift shop - bright colors mood (green, blue, purple, orange)
11) for the electronics store - a muted blue and green
12) stationery can be designed-saturated blue
13) exclusive expensive goods - purple, bright blue, calm tones
14) for the cheap goods - yellow, orange, bright gamma
15) for grocery stores - yellow, green, avocado, deep orange, brown, beige, olive
16) for wedding products-perfect white, red, gold and silver
17) sports & recreation - rich green, sky blue, blue, aqua, orange colors, aqua)
18) Clothing, Shoes - different, but the lighting should be good
19) women's products - pink and crimson hues
20) for the men's store of goods - red and black
21) for the coffee shops - ocher, brown and beige
22) to store construction materials - perfect gray, orange, black and blue
23) Home - pastel colors, and gray and white
24) for the hardware stores - purity, simplicity, reliability (light cool shades, white-gray tone)
25) furniture - shades of brown, ocher.

It is important that the colors that will be used in outdoor advertising harmoniously and at the same time meet the corporate identity. Therefore, we must turn to the professionals for the design clearance stores.

In general, for any store you can choose the color that will cause consumers need positive emotions and stimulate sales. A seemingly minor decisions, like the choice of color, but it has a great psychological impact.