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How to extend the life of signs?

Let's imagine a situation that you have bought a new car - a very beautiful and expensive. It has several years of warranty, but you will not come to mind to take off duty wash it, to keep order, to pass a routine inspection, etc. Because it prolongs its life and keeps it a beautiful appearance.
You understand that the car - your face. Similarly, the sign is the face of your company.

It is good that you have ordered a quality sign, but it is necessary for regular maintenance. In general, nothing complicated. Here are some tips:
1) Visual inspection of the signs of the regular nature of help quickly identify problems or confusion. This will help to significantly reduce the cost of the upcoming repair signs, as well as take care of that, that is dirty or broken sign did not affect negatively on the image of the company.
Inspection of signs can be made every day in the afternoon and evening hours. It takes less than 5 minutes.

2) Regular washing signs - a procedure which it is desired to run one every 3-4 months to keep presentable signs. In this case, the outdoor advertising will attract and sell. Especially recommended to wash sign in the fall (at this time is very important visibility lighting elements) and after winter (wash off accumulated dust and salt deposits).

Cleaner is not required to conduct their own. It is best to invite professionals to carry out the procedure, which will ensure the quality and efficiency, as well as the safety of your staff.
3) Maintenance - must be checked for all parts and fasteners, the integrity of the advertising structure, channel letters, and the wiring. This procedure must be done 1-2 times a year. This significantly extends the life of your sign.

With timely complete the steps above your outdoor advertising will always be in "good shape" and will make your business visible and profitable!
In order to make you less concerned about these issues of ART PYRAMID GROUP established the direction of "Customer Service". Businesses that are part of the service quickly and efficiently perform cleaning, repair signs, replacement of various items ...
For our clients we provide services Inspection signs. Now follow the appearance of your outdoor advertising is very simple - please contact us and we will take care of itself!