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The Results of the Advertising Industry International Conference

The International Conference "Advertising Industry - the present and the future " took place on May 23rd, 2013 in Irpin (near Kiev),
It was the first but crucial step toward building a civilized market of manufacturers of advertising industry.
According to the results there were 85 participants, so in our country you can find people who care about the future of the advertising industry.

At the event there were 8 speakers with a very interesting and useful reports:

Igor Guth: "What is more profitable - to compete or to cooperate?"
Roger Persson: "Good design is the most important competitive factor in the advertising industry in Europe"
Tatiana Troyan: "Break through by means of the human resource. How to do it? "
Tulvin Zbigniew: "Materials and components as the basis of a quality product,"

14 Marina Dyachenko, "Lean production as one of the important steps on the way out of the company to the next level"
Sergei Okovantsev: "Development of visual advertising. Prospects and Opportunities "
Oleg Vahitov: "Why do we need a professional trade associations”
Igor Stepanov, "Presentation of the Association of Advertising Industry model."

Roger Persson is a chief of the European Advertising Federation, came specially from Sweden. He has invited the future Association of Advertising Industry Manufacturers to join the federation and promised in every possible way to support initiatives of Ukrainian producers.

At the end of the Conference during the draw game and 2 lucky winners received a gift: an interesting book from the book partner "Companion", and a handmade lamp from the event organizers.

The company ART PYRAMIDA GROUP, which is the event organizer, has been returning thanks for the support to such organizations the "Plastics-Ukraine" as a general partner of the company , the media partner Zhurnal Naruzhka. We are grateful for a significant contribution to the organization to the company "Bon Sens", Elephant, We R.Sapply, Riviera, Fenix ​​Industry, DYB, Companion, MBS, e-pochta, Design Bureau "I want a paradise," Read-City, Park, DT + number, MMR, First Advertising Portal and Ukrainian Advertising Coalition.

The outcome of the conference was the decision to establish the Association of Outdoor Advertising in Ukraine.

Those who wish to join the Association, we invite you to take part in a roundtable titled "From vision to action", to be held on June 22, 2013 in Dnepropetrovsk (please register in advance on tel. 095 512 02 33 - Svetlana).
It is time to act!