контакты Арт-Пирамида

The results of the round table Ukrainian Sign Industry Association

The first roundtable of Ukrainian sign industry Association (by the way,this is the new and final name of the organization) took part on June 22nd in Dnipropetrovsk

37 people attended the event(representatives of 23 industrial companies in Ukraine, including three companies - suppliers of materials).
This day was full of events and serious solutions.

Everything started with a small tour around the administrative and production complex of ART PYRAMIDA GROUP.

After that, all participants gathered in the conference room of the "Dawn" and "the party” began ...
During intense negotiations and speculations both global and tactical solutionshave been taken.

One of the main outcomes were:
1. Now and then the sphere of outdoor advertising production will be called the visual advertising production, ie, visual industry.
This is necessary in order to distinguish between the concept of "outdoor advertising" (placements on billboards) and "advertising and promotional design elements production ."

2. Up with the name, we have discussed mission and values ​​of the Association, as well as plans for the coming year.

3. We have determined the structure of the Association:
- the founders are 14 companies of Ukraine (Art Pyramid Group, LLC "Elephant 2012", the group of companies "Riviera" Promotion Group "Watercolor" Company "Simple solution», Advertising holding «Vesna», Company "MCG communication", Mega Transfer, LLC "March Group" RPK "BiTline" PP "Facade Design" The Company "Fartneo" Advertising factory "factors", the company "Ukrneon")
- the president is Igor Stepanov (Art Pyramid Group)
- the vice-presidents are Alexander Karasik (Elephant 2012), Igor Shepelyov (GC "Riviera")
- the Executive Director is Svetlana Anistratenko

Currently, the association consists of 20 members, the producers of visual advertising.

It is a good start! Our company will actively participate in the development of this project. We believe thatUkrainian sign industry Association has a great potential, now everything depends on the enthusiasm and the actions of all members of the organization.