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How to operate the sign. Possible disappointment

 Proper positioning of promotional items on the front and next to it, such as signs, consoles, banners, pillars, pylons, indexes and others, aims to attract more potential buyers and clients. But not always spent money on advertising justifies your expectations. There are a number of unwritten rules, observing them can significantly increase the effectiveness of these marketing tools.

In the planning phase you should be familiar with the rules of signs location in the city, so as not to face the problem of coordination with the municipal authorities.

Before ordering a light box production you should take into account such factors as wind, snow load or facade parts collapse above the placement of structures. Inappropriate selection of materials for the construction of large size the front end can be destroyed, which could lead to the collapse on pedestrians or passing vehicles. For large boxes we recommend to apply a special design with a front plane of tension and luminal banner. In the operation the image can be quickly replaced or internal parts can be repaired.

You can also order large letters with backlight LEDs http://art-piramida.com/products/large_letters , both open and internal. This design attracts passers-by attention in darkness. If we use diodes with the ability to change color, it is possible to achieve various spectacular changes in the dynamic mode. This technology allows you to attract customers due to flicking.

There are good reasons to laocate neon signs, avoiding direct sunlight and places of formation by icicles in winter. Placing elements decorate your advertising design, both outside and will add style and gloss indoors. Nowadays, neon is an element of art and it emphasizes your individuality.

Operating conditions of advertising structures are the determining factor in materials choice during production. Combination of plastic and self-adhesive films economy class are the most cost-effective . But such signs have a short life span, respectively, there are deformation risks of surface. This damages would not look very presentable.

Composite materials are more resistant to environmental factors, their service life can be more than five years. Metal profiles and frames will add long-term,with pre-prepared surface from corrosion.

Company Art Pyramida Group offers the manufacture of various sign types . You can order an advertisement in Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk and other cities