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The history of outdoor advertising

The history of sign industry began in the ancient world. The first prototype of this type of advertising refers to the first millennium BC It was a stone pillar carved with the advertising words of a seer and dreams interpreter. In the ancient city of Pompeii a huge number of such inscriptions was discovered. Signs also existed at that time, but instead of true image labels were used.

In the Middle Ages each sign was almost a work of art. Best artists, engravers and sculptors worked on them. Instead, the words still used the images, as people were mostly illiterate.

In the Renaissance, on signs there were no texts. But they became more elegant and aesthetically appealing. Some wealthy families could even order a sign in the form of the family crest of their castle.

In XIX century text began to appear on the signs . The inscriptions were exquisite and intricate. Their production was carried out using different materials. For example, in Russia inscriptions were burned on the tree and also they were applied with gold on metal.

Neon signs have come with the electricity discovery in the advertising world . Advertising structures became illuminated in the evening and at night for their better perception.

The 20th century was a century heyday of sign industry. United States were recognized birthplace of successful advertising.
Russia and Ukraine are far behind from the first American and European countries, their sign industry has hardly evolved. The formation of sign industry market has coincided with the reform beginning. Sign production has rapidly begun to evolve and expand. As far back as 2000 the number of sings in Moscow equaled the performance of London. Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk and other cities of Ukraine also could boast of great achievement parameters. Today on the streets of cities you can find a wide variety of LED and neon signs.

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