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The effectiveness of signage - what's the secret?

Advertising structures, located on the facade of a building, perform several functions. The information function is considered to be the most important one. Signs help to find the right organisation, company, as well as potential customers .
The sign is a kind of company's image and it can be called organization's business card, it is of great importance in promoting the brand.

Signs are really powerful marketing tools. And if while its making all the motivational and psychological needs of the consumer are taken into account, advertising effectiveness is increased by several times.

The effectiveness of signs has influence on so many factors, some of them you can find:

1. Visual accessibility. Information located on the sign should be well comprehat any time of the day. For normal perception at night, LED or neon signs are perfect. Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk and other cities have started actively using these signs long time ago.

2. The color scheme. The text should be easely read by, do not use heavy colors. Properly selected color is an important part of creating a successful sign. So, before you start its production, we should define the shades of the background and letters. They should show the overall style of the Company and be in harmony with each other.

3. Intelligibility. Text must necessarily be written in clear, legible font. Between words, letters, and other items is to be observed distance.That is to say such a sign will be perfectly seen by passers and encourage the desire to come in and buy a product or use the service.

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These are not all factors, but they play a key role.

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Company Art Pyramida Group offers services in sign manufacturing. Here you can order only effective signs that meet all the above requirements in full. A team of professionals will select and advise you on solutions that will increase the efficiency of your business significantly. Remember that good advertising is a key to successful development of the Company. So be sure to order only effective signs, which will be very quickly paid off investments and increase profits.