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The ideal sign - what should it be?

Sign is a company's business card. Its task is to introduce potential customer to the organization, to show the best sides, to inspire confidence. But it is also possible that unsuccessful sign can put people off. To avoid this, you should observe at least five of these basic principles of design and sign construction.

1. Talking name.
People do not like uncertainty and opening the door theywould like to know what is behind it. If the name of the company is one hundred percent does not explain the type of activity, you will surely need a description, such as "Camellia. Women's clothing store. " Then passers-by will know exactly what they can find in this type of a store.

2. Architectural factor
Stores, pharmacies, hairdressers often coexist on the first floor of the building. Advertising messages on the banners of different organizations lure to buy their goods. In this kaleidoscope it is hard not to get lost. Placing enormous size banners on the facade is not the best way to stand out from the crowd. Simplicity and consistency of visual style has a great chance to bring the desirable effect.

3. Amount of information
A man's sight is caught by a random object no more than two seconds. To list all the services provided are absolutely meaningless. Need to emphasize the most important, in practice: only through proper design of an information stand orders can be up to 100%.

4. Appropriate to the nature of design
What approaches a law firm is not definitely appropriate for the bridal salon. Expensive sign will adjust the client to appropriate price, but also discourage less wealthy contingent. The primary task is to engage your target audience. It is necessary to approach properly to the development of advertising design to get top results.

5. Distance perception
The human eye distinguishes some colors better than others. The most visible is red. Not by chance 30% of the companies want to order the signs of this particular color. But we should remember that red is the color of danger, it often makes people worried. At night LED lights and neon lights multiply the distance readability. It is advisable to test the visibility and perception of written before installing the sign. It is necessary to place your signs so that would be convenient for passers-by to read it without taking the extra effort.

It is not easy to take into account the hundreds of nuances and make a sign, but it is crucial to improve business performance. The company ART PYRAMIDA GROUP will help to take into account all the nuances, to design and make a decent sign for your company, which in turn will help you to improve its profitability and brand recognition. Contact us and we will make your business remarkable!