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The story of the complex design of the Company "Medpack"

In order to make your business successful, it is necessary not just to inform potential customers about its existence by means of signs, but also to surprise, to be memorized.

The trade and manufacturing company "Medpack" has chosen such way of business development. The complex advertising design includes a facade sign and interior promotional items.

The mirror effect of exterior facade sign is achieved by applying composite Brashed - on the front and sides of the face. Since the sign is located on the sunny side, the composite in this case is the most ideal solution, it eliminates deformation under the sunlight influence.
An unusual approach in the use of material provides originality, we have moved away from the traditional horizontal position of the material, changing it to vertical, so sign gives you a special glow in the daytime.

At night the structure is decorated be means of backlit accent light with LED backlight white cold light modules. It gives the sign a bright halo and guarantee its visibility and efficiency.
Вывеска из зеркального композита для Медпакконтражурная подсветка вывески Медпак
The letters "Medpack" look more three-dimensional due to a larger gap from the wall, which gives them the effect of "floating in the air." This combination of advertising "chips" is mesmerizing.

Interior design of the building looks even more impressive . In the hall on the 1st floor on the walls there is an interesting composition – a world map. It consists of 86 items of different sizes, made of PVC and Oracal (6 shades). Together they form a map of the Earth, where relief is made in accordance with the topographic map of the world. The most difficult task was to assembly them to the wall with minimal damage. The task was completed successfully.

Stylish and original logo of "Medpack"Company made up of two shades of red and white acrylic milk in tandem with backlit LED accent light completes our composition.
The inner sign is made of cast acrylic, less overall letters are made of acrylic sandwich (gray acrylic + transparent). The effect of "floating in the air" is achieved by mounting the letters on the transparent acrylic rods.
There is no doubt that such visual design will surprise and will be remembered for a long time. And the made investment in this sign would be recompensed very quickly and make the business profitable and the company noticed!
интерьерное оформление здания Медпак

The company ART PYRAMIDA GROUP has been in the market of sign industry for 20 years, we know a lot about making signs. Please contact us if you want to make your business remarkable!

An expert in the field of sign industry production - Andrew Astashenkov