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Ways to improve the effectiveness of signage

Ways to improve the sign effectiveness.

Sign manufacturing company, which takes the order to make signs according to the request "Sign should be clearly visible and desirably from the maximum point of customers location", this should also comply with the relevant authorities of Ukraine.

The existing order in Ukraine often does not coincide with the client wishes and complicates the manufacturers job. In this article we offer you the LEDs methods of use, which at the lowest cost will maximize the efficiency of signs.

Let's consider some typical situations:

The wanted store is located on the 1st floor and occupies large area, and thus the height placement of the advertising structure is limited by location.

Since the building is located in the historic part of the city,it is only allowed to install separate light letters. You have a limited budget for advertising decoration store.

вывеска магазина Алло

Allo shop sign

This problem can be solved using the following method:

You can install illuminated signs, LED-backlit display, in two different parts of the facade. For controlling three synchronized with each other.microcontrollers are equipped. They are managed by a single unit - the "master controller", which is responsible for the simultaneous illumination and visually connects the two labels in one information field. A distinctive feature is the fact this method is not expensive. For more information on cost and efficiency you will be able to tell the specialists of the company Art Pyramida Group. Ask what you may - asking needs no pay.

Another incident. We have a dimensional structure and there are a large number of multi-colored neon signs. We need to make sure your sign shows up visually from the rest and you want to invest a certain budget. The letters are made standard, but in front we set a white light filter. In order to improve this order we place colored clusters inside of the letters They must be connected to a microcontroller that controls their operation. As a result advertising design changes colors and is more than worthy among one-color signs. Another feature is this structure is fully corresponds with large cities requirements such as Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, etc. But there is one thing. We need to buy a quality microcontroller and program it correctly, otherwise instead of colorful signs we can have"annoying flashing lights." If this approach is accomplished with responsibility, you will get the desired result. Above described low-cost methods increase the effectiveness of your sign.

Светодиодная вывеска Интерпайп
Also look backlit signs are impressive. They always look stylish and noticeable.
The company ART PYRAMIDA GROUP is happy to provide you with information about all the sign features, here you can order any design that is sure to increase the efficiency of your business.