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The story of the complex design of the advertising Purina pet shop

Recently, ART PYRAMIDA GROUP has performed a comprehensive sign identity of the pet store and pharmacy «Purina" in Sumy. In general store turned out very original and interesting. The complex design includes: an exterior sign, shaped composite panels, internal navigation and branded labels, billboards, stickers and also acrylic clock.
Signs for Purina pet shop

Now we will talk about more detailed explanation. The sign "Pet shop", made of composite and Oracal is located on the exterior facade. Also animal shape items , which are also made from composite film and rolled with full color printing. This is a very good move to attract the attention of passers-by and lure them to the store.

But that visual design is just beginning. In interesting mix of different branded items waits for everyone who come in.
The are blinds with pet pictures on the windows so this creative point of working immediately sets the right mood for visitors.

Вывески для зоомагазина Пурина

In each section you can see a variety of magnetic signs with the company logo .
Doors, walls, furniture, etc. there is an element of corporate identity of Purina everywhere.

Information boards also have the original design. Especially for this client acrylic clock that shows the shape of the logo was fabricated.

рекламные ролеты на окна для зоомагазина

On one of the walls in the lobby, there is the interior sign made from 10 mm PVC, glued in 2 layers and painted with special acrylic paints. It looks neat and bright.
In general, such advertising design will bring our client the maximum results: attracting new customers, increasing profits, recognition and of course comfort for shoppers, which significantly increases customer loyalty to the Company.

For more information about all the possibilities of visual advertising design, you can learn from ART PYRAMIDA GROUP experts. You can not just order a sign or other advertising structures but also get good advice. You are always welcome to contact us.