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Require the use of quality materials!

Appreciated the current situation in the market of sing industry, the Company ART PYRAMIDA GROUP employees have gladly decided to share their thoughts on the subject: "How to improve the quality of sign and be for the benefit of customers." Below, Alexandra Gospod, our Project Design and Estimating engineer, communicates her thoughts with us.

"It is a fact, nowadays, there is an intense competition in sign industry market. But not all sign manufacturers do their job honestly and efficiently. For example, some companies trying to win the tender, intentionally reduce price of advertising design at the expense of non-production technologies and the use of cheap, low-quality, non-certified materials. Where will this lead? The sign length service decreases sharply. Just a few months after installation,various defects start appearing , which are either difficult or impossible to remove and you have to pay for repairs, and sometimes for new design production.

As the phrase goes "the price may be forgotten, the quality remains", so initially, adding higher-quality materials to cost sheet, this automatically prolongs the sign length service. Most of unpleasant defects as glasse fogging, "waves" crack formation, film peel-off and discoloration, the glue fouling-up, burnout, electricians etc are thereby minimized. Thus, by making the right investment in sign , you can expect it to work on the efficiency of your business for a long time and do not require additional costs for repairs and reconstruction in the future.

ремонт вывесок по Украина - оперативно

Not every professional of sign industry will determine high-quality material in appearance and by touch, so you should always require from manufacturer of your sign certificates of quality for raw materials (reliable material suppliers obligatory add them to their products). Of course, so-called "sign makers in garages" would not have such document papers unlike Companies valuing their Client and image concept. Every major manufacturer of advertising knows that high-quality material is the key to product long service, so the choice of the material should be approached meticulously.

Require your contractors have documents on materials. And just making sure in their great quality you can be sure that your sign will last for years and justify their purpose ... "
Neon sign for FM mall
As the saying goes "measure twice, cut once" you need to careful examining both choice of the sign making company and sign order. Be cautious! We wish you a remarkable and successful business!

Selecting signs for the price could be a soap bubble!
Currently words like "cheaper", "low price", "cost reduction" are on everyone's lips. Is this possible and what kind of risks can be involved chosen a lower price product? Well, if this is a need then how to use it?
Sign and advertising design production has been going through hard times, the price became the basis for contractor selection. But this choice often is a time bomb passed into the hands of the Client by unscrupulous manufacturers
Holding a tender, the client usually provides the visual image of the object for the calculation which is basis for sign or advertising structure. There is no technical, material characteristics, technology production, respectively tenderer estimates this layout, using his vision and the prism of knowledge in this area. Since today our market has no sign industry standards, the calculations are all different. There are many options for calculating and substitution of materials and technology. A lot of manufacturers do not have education or experience in sign production, respectively, they use substandard materials or the simplified technology, without calculation, load features and materials and object characteristics. The Client chooses the lowest price, but there are no miracles and producer, trying at all costs to make a profit, begins further to simplify the technology and substitute materials. Once the customer has decided to buy the sign, the time bomb begins to operate ...

The product is made, then the assembly is done, a period of 1year up to 3 years warranty is also provided. During the first 2-3months the client cannot see the difference, but after time passes, the sign begins to fade or go wave or stops operating. It would seem there are no problems, the Customer has the contract, warranty and they will fix everything, but nothing of the sort, advertisers are lost or charge you for the repair. That is the crux there is the rub.

Неоновая вывеска для торгового центра ФМ

The problem is hidden in the money saving at the beginning and superficial approach to the tender and the contractor selection. Sing makers in garages working just for wages, do not earn profits without reinvesting it in the company's development, and thus they can be called money addicts. Every time they shoot up a new dose to maintain their financial condition but at some point their company body will collapse. The Customer's risk is huge not to mention the problems that poor quality sign gives like image reduction, falls and fires risks.

The Company ART PIRPAMIDA GROUP is for reducing costs strategy and the price choice, but it must be done correctly, efficiently, without any risks, adding value to the product, confidence in the given commitments and further partnership with manufacturers.

The price with no value is a soap bubble!