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Ukrainian Sign Industry Association- the beginning of the way ...

We have got great news for all market participants of industry such as the official record of the Ukrainian Sign Industry  Association. It is a major step towards civilized advertising market. For all of us this is really difficult but the right move.

The registration took place in Kiev. The founders of the Association were 13 industrial companies in Ukraine, including ART PYRAMIDA GROUP. Nowadays there are about 20 potential participants who are willing to join this organization and contribute to its development and progress.

Most interesting to observe how manufacturing companies are "getting mature" to unite their efforts for the development of the advertising industry culture.

It is worth to notice that Ukrainian Sign Industry Association will be very useful not only for the participants, but also for consumers of sign advertising. Since the main task of this organization is a sign industry market development , namely the improvement of product quality, higher production standards, standardization of processes, introduction of new technologies and systems, the development of "maturity" of the producers and the level of customer focus.

Website of the Association will soon be available to the organizations where you will find more detailed information.

And now everyone who wants to join the Association or to learn more about the goals, objectives and plans here you can find  contact information e-mail: director@uavi.com.ua, cell phone: 095 512 02 33