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How to hold a tender for advertising companies?

Each organization uses its tools and methods for selecting a contractor for the production of signs and other advertising design. Often, however, the very preparation of technical specifications leaves a lot  to be desired.

For obvious reasons, the correct specification requires an industry expert to know all the intricacies of the advertising business.

правила проведения тендеров по выбору рекламной компании

We are minded to share tips to prepare terms of reference for the tender accurataly.

Prepare the visualization of the object, obligatory use photos of the object before and after;

If you have a brand book, you should attach it to the tender documents;

Be sure to provide the measurements and photos, moreover, this work should be performed by a professional organization or one of the bidders;

Based on measurements and visualization prepare drawing scans, dimentionl drawings, technology and materials to be used;

In the list of materials specify the exact characteristics of materials, with the brands and the producing country, according to assurance you need;

Specify the proper dead line,warranty duration, possible bonus and additional conditions that add value to the product;

Ask for recommendations from clients and suppliers, information about the company in full;

If you prefer, you can request a sample piece of your signs;

Of course require a price for the products;

According to this price, request a detailed cost sheets, where characteristics of the materials with the brands,quantity and price.should be specified. All data must comply with the terms of reference;

Requested and received from the producers of visual advertising the required information, you will be surprised at the difference between the offers both on  quantity and quality of materials in the cost sheets.

как провести тенедер правильно

Next, the choice is yours and the accuracy of this choice will depend on the correct combination of logic and intuition.