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Diodes or lamps? That is the question ...

Sing Industry is a great way to make your business visible, stand out from the crowd of competitors by means of your originality and to lure the Client effectivelly. Illuminated signs, as a kind of Sing Industry are just a good example. This is a great indicator that your advertising is working for you not only during the day but also at night. Lately the most popular type of lighting is LED modules or as they are called, LED clusters. But the usual type of lighting known as fluorescent lamps are also still quite often used. What is the difference between these types of lighting and which one is better?

1.LEDs can be installed even in a very small size articles then the more suitable as lamps for parking structures.
2.LEDs, unlike lamps consume less energy so this factor reduces the costs of utility bills, which in the future will result in a good saving budget.
3.LEDs make it possible to get any color of light that is bound to attract the attention of the Client but lamps illuminate just white light.
4.Diodes length service compared with lamps is higher. Some manufacturers offer a guarantee for 100,000 hours of continuous operation of diodes while the lamp will last you much less. Savings on replacement and repair of electrician can be also a very significant amount.
5.Security. Speaking of this important factor you can be sure the LEDs operating at low voltage and low heat generation are ahead of lamps.

Only at first glance, the lack of LEDs is their price. It is higher than lamp.price. But if we consider the total cost of LEDs they will surely win. Because LEDs for signs are more durable and efficient.

The company ART PYRAMIDA GROUP recommends and often uses LEDs in the production of signs and other advertising structures. And our specialists will confirm the high efficiency of this backlight method.

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So happened now everyone makes their own choice in favor of one or another type of light, depending on the established budget for signs, but we always need to think about several steps ahead and calculate economic feasibility of various types of lighting, so this factor is one of the most important in the work of your advertising. Invest in effective advertising and then it will work for your business!