контакты Арт-Пирамида

12 years of reliable signs!

At the intersection of Pushkin Ave and .Filosofskaya St, in Dnipropetrovsk, sign"Breeze" of air conditioner store is showing off. The uniqueness of this project is its service life and efficiency of investment. It has been 12 years since the manufacturing and installation of advertising design by company ART PYRAMIDA GROUP. During these years, we have once made minor repairs and maintenance. Applied quality materials, manufactured in Europe ( that time we did not have a choice in Ukraine) the client received a robust, juicy and highly visible sign. If you divide the cost of the initial investment for a period of service, it turns out only 160 uah per month. Here is an example of effective investment!

Of course, the term addiction to sign is about 3 years and it is advisable to upgrade it, but in this case an interesting element was used that attracts customers attention during these 12 years - digital clock and thermometer built into the center of the composition. They also perform social mission. Drawing attention to the LED clock face, it is hard to miss the whole store, and if necessary, air conditioner purchasing emerges in Client's memory with the clock and store association offering AC. This is the task of sign industry, to make a store remarkable and profitable.

вывеска для салона кондиционеров

Now in the current market environment, where on everyone's lips is only one criterion for contractor selection, the price, it is difficult to get a quality product with a lifetime even for 3 years. Accordingly, in the tactics of winning today, you may lose in the strategy, in 3-5 years buy a new sign. If you use quality materials and technology, you can simply update the design, leaving the body and the basis the same. It is definitely much cheaper and more practical.

вывеска для магазина кондиционеров Бриз

Our company has gone 20 year long way, and many works still please the eye of the consumer and generate revenue for our clients. We urge you to make the right choices that will be effective in the tactics and strategies that by means of its image, will attract a powerful stream of profits in your business and it will benefit everyone.

Good luck with your business!