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What materials should be used for the manufacture of a light box?

People,facing sings need for their business, often ask, "What materials should be used for its production?". The answer to this question is simple - only quality certified materials, otherwise your sign will not serve you for a long time and bring the desired effect. Now the market has a lot of material for advertising, so you have a variety of choice.

Lets us see an example of light box , the most common type of signs.
We can choose several material options for the illuminated signs front:

acrylic has excellent optical properties, prime effect of a glossy surface that is resistant to direct sunlight. It is better to use it for signs up to three meters, since a larger size would be on the face of the joints.

- Molded polycarbonate is very similar to acrylic, but its sheet size is much larger and it can be used on signs to twelve feet in length.

- Flex fabric is cheaper but lower quality option for designs up to 50 meters in length. The distinctive features of this material are its high transparency and improved performance varnish.

световой короб для салона Киевстар

For light box board the best you can use aluminum composite panel. They have a flexible polymer substrate of low density polyethylene raw materials of. The base allows you to give the material a complex geometric shape.

Aluminum profiles are now very popular as an alternative design board. It is light, beautiful, strong and durable and it has not only their primary function which is providing basket rigidity support but also will be a great decoration namely "highlight" of your sign.

The frame signs may be made of black metal or aluminum, but it is necessary for materials supplier to have certificates for products.

световая вывеска для банка Пумб

To illuminate signs, mainly fluorescent lamps and LED modules are used. Usage of this lighting depends on your budget, the best option is the LED modules. They can be assembled in letters of any size and colors, and can continuously operate to 100,000 hours to carry out its functions. So if you want your advertising be bright and attractive as long as possible, choose this kind of lighting.

The material quality is a very important aspect ofsign industry production , but do not forget about the technology of production.

The company ART PYRAMIDA GROUP is always "pro" high-quality materials and maintaining the technology as this is the only way to make effective sign, which would work for the customer's business.