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Dictionary of visual advertising

Very often it seems that the staff of the advertising companies speaks its own language, because they name many different obscure kinds of advertising structures. To make it easier for you to understand them, we have compiled a mini-dictionary of sign industry list of advertising structures with a small description. We think you'll find something new and interesting for your business.

Frieze is a plane that allocates the part of the building face. Friezes as sign boards can be illuminated and non-illumination, three-dimensional and flat. Also, the other advertising structures can be mounted on it: three-dimensional letters, logos, etc.

Lightbox is one of the most common sign industy types. This is a box, which is illuminated from the inside with the help of lamps or LEDs. For better diffusion of light on the face of such signs are used such materials as acryl, banner fabric or polycarbonate. Such a structure attracts customers not only in the daytime, but also at night.

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Letters. They can be varied in performance, non-illuminated and illuminated, three-dimensional and flat. They are mounted on a frieze or separately on the wall. There are also three-dimensional roof letters. For the letters manufacturing can be used the materials of all kinds (acryl, metal, banner fabric, etc.).

Cantilever is the element mounting an advertising structure to the wall or roof. It is made mostly of metal.

The sign can combine such types of structures as lightbox, frieze, three-dimensional letters, and various mounting attachments. The right combination of these elements serves its purpose by 100%, making your business noticeable.

Roof structure. Basing on the name we can suggest that this type of advertising is installed on the roof. It can be performed as three-dimensional letters or box (light or non-illuminated), which are mounted on the supporting metal frame.

Poster (board sheet). For posters we can use several kinds of materials such as banner fabric, BlueBack or City paper, self-adhesive film. The image can be anything you want - from a simple list of services, to complex compositions.

Brandmauer is a poster, made on a banner fabric, usually mounted at a great height on the wall of the building or on the frame.

Tabloid is a plastic or metal item, measuring up to 1 m2. The image can be applied directly onto the plate using UV printing, on the film followed by pasting the tablet, or it can be made the application of the film.

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Stander is two-sided, portable structure. It includes metal frame and two advertising planes with the printed information. As the stander usually has a light weight, you can move it to any convenient place.

Pylon is non-standard and complex structure. It is usually made with the foundation on the metal frame. It can have from 2 advertising planes, illuminated and non-illuminated ones. The examples of this advertising type are the pylons at the entrance to the big shopping centers or filling stations.

In this list we gave you the most common types of advertising sing structures. We hope that now it will be easier for you to orient in these terms choosing the way of advertising.