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Manufacturing technology of light signage

The illuminated letters is one of the brightest and most visible examples of the sign industry. On the face of the illuminated letters we can apply to any advertising information and it will effectively attract customers.

What is this structure made of, and which is its production technology? Let’s consider it on the example of the frameless sign board. To start, you need to determine what kind of materials will be used for its production.

The front panel is the most commonly made of lacteous acryl 3 mm thick, the borders of the sign boards are made of foamed PVC 4 mm thick, the rear part of sign board is also made ​​of PVC 4mm thick. For the box illumination, you can select LED modules (or open LEDs that are mounted on the front panel) or fluorescent lamps. Having defined the materials, you can begin the process of the advertising structure production.

Then the front part of the lightbox, the rear part and side strips of PVC are cut out. To collect all the pieces together we need the glue. One is an instant (cementing) adhesive and a tube of glue to tack the material together in the process of bounding. The glue is accurately applied to the cut strips of PVC and until it is dry, glue them to the front panel, hold for about five minutes until the glue sets. In the same way we glue all of the parts of butt.

Also, we do the same thing with the rare part of the sign board, but additionally still the strips of PVC must be pasted, width up to 50 mm (it is called glazing bead). This is made to ensure that the front and rear parts are tightly connected, and you can connect them with screws or framing nails.

Do not forget about lighting technology! It is mounted on a back part of the sign board. If there are lamps, they are bolted to the special holders and are connected to the solenoid (or electronic) chokes, if there are LED modules, they are pasted with special glue to the surface of PVC and are connected to the power supplies.

The next step is a drawing on the front panel the sign board. The image can be printed, or an application can be made from a special light-diffusing film. The butt parts of the lightbox should preferably be rolled with the film too, since PVC becomes dirty very quickly and in some time your sign board may look not aesthetically pleasing.

We have considered one of the most common sign boards manufacturing techniques, but you must remember that with the proper technology observation, even the simplest sign board will serve you for years and make a profit.

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