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Our new works! July - August 2013.

During July and August, the team ART PYRAMIDA GROUP worked very productively!

We present you the selection of our brightest works for the last summer month.

We have cooperated with several new clients. Among them is the TAM TAM supermarket chain (the object in Mariupol), which is actively developing and confidently enters the market in central and eastern Ukraine. The front part of the three-dimensional illuminated letters is made ​​of the banner fabric, rolled light-diffusing film, the board is made ​​of galvanized sheet, and the lighting of the structure is made with the help of LED modules, which provides uniform illumination of sign boards without the spots. The letters, larger than 2.5 meters are mounted on the face above, it provides attraction of the attention from the distance.

There is also a chain of shoe stores «Elegante» in Pavlograd among our new clients. A neat and stylish sign board is made ​​of red acryl, with backlit illumination on a substrate made ​​of black composite. A sign board corresponds to the name of the shop and attracts glances of customers due to its elegance.

We are also excited about the new collaboration with the Regional pharmacies chain "Rouen". In the village Podgorodneye we performed a comprehensive advertising design of the pharmacy. The sign board consists of two lightboxes and three-dimensional illuminated letters mounted on the frieze, the cross street banner on the face conveys much useful information for potential buyers.

Of course we have not forgotten about our loyal customers. In August, we made a jewelry store advertising design for the store chain "Zolotoy Vek" in Nikolaev, the Company does not change its style, all their sign boards stand out among the others by the special refinement, due to the chocolate composite and figurately carved illuminated letters.

No one will pass by the sign boards of customer support center "Kyivstar". Their bright, intense colors are achieved due to the use of colored acryl on the face of sign boards, the best way to comply with their destination. During this period, we made a comprehensive exterior design of this network in Krivoy Rog, Evpatoria and Kremenchug.

Actively developing shoe stores chain "CentrObuv" ordered the exterior and interior design of a shop in Izmail. The frieze of the sign board is made ​​of a red composite with three-dimensional illuminated letters and light line across the frieze – the out-of-the-box solutions making profitable focus on the store.

Proper and reliable external and internal design will help not only to pay attention to your store, but also to increase your profit.

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