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Neon in outdoor advertising.

Nowadays, sign industry has become not just a method of the customers attracting, but also a real gem of a modern city. The most different materials used for its production, including neon. It is used for both for exterior and interior sign boards. The interior of the office or home is changing dramatically, if it contains the neon elements, since its showiness emphasizes the style. This is a great solution for indoors, since it does not create noise, flashing and heat.

Neon sign board is an effective way to transform even the most ordinary-looking building, to create a bright advertising, attracting the people attention.

Изготовление неоновых вывесок компанией АРТ ПИРАМИДА ГРУПП

Making neon lights is the labour-intensive process and it requires a lot of skills. To start, the glassblower takes a hollow tube that is coated on the inside with the luminescence material (special material that allows the ready-made product to light).

In order a tube become plastic and could be given the required form, it is heated to very high temperatures. The heated tube can take absolutely any form, be it an ordinary letter or a complex element.

Neon can be closed and opened. If you mount it in the three-dimensional illuminated letters and close the acrylic front cover - it will be the closed neon. Neon luminescence intensity depends on the number of tubes - we can perform illumination in one or more filaments. But it can also be installed as opened one; in this case it is not closed with the box. If the client wants to draw the maximum attention to his business - neon can be connected to a special controller to make a dynamic glow. In this case the sign board is noticeable not only at night but also during the day time, due to its brightness and dynamics.

The advantage of neon is its economical efficiency. Even the biggest advertising structures consume a minimum amount of power. In addition, it is very durable; some manufacturers give a 10 years guarantee on it.

Неоновые вывески

The illuminated sign boards made ​​of neon filaments are stylish, colorful, original and recognizable. Due to this, they perfectly perform their function - to attract customers and increase awareness of the Company.

The company ART PYRAMID GROUP, as no one else, knows how with the help of neon elements to transform the exterior and interior style of your business. We have more than 16 years of experience in the illuminated sign boards using all kinds of this materials. In this company, you not only order a neon sign, but you will receive a free high-quality service of the advertising structures.

We wish you to be bright, noticeable and successful!