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Manufacturing technology of volumetric light letters.

We have previously described the light box and neon manufacturing technology. Now we would like to share with you the secrets of the volume light letters production. To start with let’s decide on the used tools and materials. The only tools needed are:

1. Plastic squeegee (a special tool to remove the excess air during the film gluing)

2 . Drywall knife .

3 . Screwdriver .

4 . Metal ruler .

5 . Metal angle .

6. Pencil.

7. Soldering iron.

8. Fan.

9. Sander .


Виготовлення світлових букв

We use the following materials:

1. 3mm. Milk Acrylic for face letters.

2. Oracal 8500 light-scattering film for taping the front side and we also need the mounting (protective ) film .

3. 4 mm thickness PVC for side and rear parts of the light letters.

4 . 641 Oracal Film for pasting board parts.

5 . Glue to stick all the parts of the letters.

6 LED modules for backlight.

7. A power supply, its capacity is calculated from the power consumption of the LEDs.

8. Wire for soldering the LED modules with each other.

9. Wire for connecting to the network.

10 . Miscellaneous supplies (screws, rivets, etc.)

Before you begin, you need to prepare mock sign in Corel Draw program in curves. Workers, getting started, necessarily orient to the layout.

To start with, we roll the acrylic sheet, which is designed for facial parts of letters by means of diffuser film and a protective (Back ) film. We do the procedure described earlier, because the film can lose its color while being cut on laser

After that the strips of PVC are cut for the side parts. They are trimmed, measured and the needed peace is cut. PVC is glued to the front of the board. If the letter is round-shaped, then you need to start with a fan to warm the PVC strip up to softening and. Only after that procedure, you should give it the desired shape and glue together the component parts. If the PVC hardens it can be re- heated. Minor irregularities can be corrected already on the finished product, the excess material can be cut with a knife. Then you need to rinse the letter, you can use detergent and dry it afterwards.

When the front and the end parts are ready, then we can prepare and mount the LED modules . They are glued to the backdrop letters with a special adhesive. Next we solder the leads with parallel connection and wiring.

Изготовление световых букв

If the light letters should be mounted on a substrate, the first we set on letters’ backs, after we anchor bonded parts of letters on the backs with screws. To hide the heads of screws , we seal them with film. After all this process it is necessary to make wire switching, hide and lock it.

And be sure to check out the bonding quality of the elements and brightness on the finished product!

As you can see , the technology of production of volumetric light letters are not so complicated. The company ART PYRAMIDA GROUP has mastered it to perfection in order to make your business visible and profitable!