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Navigation in outdoor advertising

Sign industry is one of the most effective methods to influence potential customers. It informs a lot of people about new products and services.

Nowadays more and more new shopping centers and supermarkets are being opened. Their sizes are huge and you can easily get lost in there, so to guide shoppers around the mall we can use a variety navigation tools like sidewalk signs, pillars, pointers, information desks.

Pillar is a very popular element of sign industry. Such piece of advertising is assembled near the entrances to cafes, restaurants, shopping malls and shops and encourages consumers to visit these institutions.

The design is very simple a metal frame or support on which a sign tablet with the inscribed information is assembled. The frame can be made of metal, plastic or even wood; plates are made of various materials such as PVC, aluminum composite , galvanized sheets, polycarbonate ( cellular or encapsulated), and even acrylic or banner fabric. The information may be printed on the film and applied to the plate or produced by means of the film cutting. You can also make a built-in pockets pillar to change the information or to set a special click system to vary the images as you wish. This design is very effective. If you have the important information you need to convey it to the buyer quickly.

Внутренняя навигация

Sidewalk signs are made of several types:

Pillar – stand is very often made with height adjustment, allowing you to place information at the right level.

Pillar - book is a folding pillar that can be easily folded up and moved to a new location. It is very stable and does not turn over.

Pillar ad should carry maximum information, but have minimum words. Such advertising should be developed by designers who will be able to take into account the psychology of consumers and the promotional products requirements.

Advertising signs and tablets are also very common type of navigation. They can be made in the form of arrows, signs, panels and racks, can be illuminated or not, with the frame for greater rigidity and without it.

The manufacturing material is different; the most popular is an aluminum composite and PVC. They are used primarily for non-illuminated designs, acrylic, polycarbonate (cell or cast).

Навигация для торговых центров

Such advertising carriers usually contain minimum information, such as the name of the store and its location, but nevertheless they catch Clients eye and influence their behavior.

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