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What is advertising stele?

Very popular in our time, began advertising design that can attract customers from a distance. In this form of advertising and is a stele - a free-standing, usually large structures.

It can be more than ten meters in height, which automatically attracts attention from afar. Only it should reside so as to be equally well visible as a roadway for vehicle drivers, and pedestrians. Stella is typically made of high, but not to the general, that take up less space.

Still space for the advertising information it provides quite a lot, and therefore regarded as one of the most effective types of outdoor advertising.

Рекламная стела

You can use it different ways:

- Navigation to help customers find the way to the supermarket or shopping mall , car dealership or a gas station;

- Company image creation. This is a profitable standing out advertising item in competition. Your business will be visible and remarkable.

- Internal navigation. Steles of small size are very often set within the shopping, entertainment and business centers. They direct customers to stores and make them easily navigate a large building.

Advertising steles like signs can be of two kinds: non-illuminated and illuminated. They are usually bilateral, because generally they are installed in the roadway. They should be viewed from both sides.

Рекламная стела

The technology of such products manufacturing is somehow more complicated than usual signs. Most often, steles are placed near a road, so there is high wind load, therefore, it must be made of strong metal frame. Sheathing is usually made of aluminum composite, since it does not just look beautiful, but also is quite durable. Company logos and different promotional information can be made from acrylic, polycarbonate, Oracal cutting, images printing on film or directly on plastic, using the UV printing technology. Illumination is carried by lamps, diodes or neon, in accordance with the Client’s wishes. Outdoor stele has to be assembled on a concrete base for greater stability.

Over the years the company ART PYRAMID GROUP has produced a considerable number of such structures, so the skills and experience we have are enough to please you with a quality product that will help in your business development. All you need is to order the stele. We will take care of its masterful production, quality assembling and high efficiency!