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How to choose the right design for the signs?

The sign is a face of the Company, so it should be made and framed at the highest level. But how to achieve such an effect that the sign will not be " flashy " in its execution and at the same time attracting maximum buyers’ attention ? We are going to divulge a few secrets how to make a good design.

1. Briefness.

The inscription on the sign should not be long and complex, besides the text is desirable to use a sans serif so people hurrying about their business, be able to read the title directly. And do not forget to observe the proportions: the height of the letters shall be 50 % of the height of the entire front section. In this case, the text will be easily understood by others.

2 . Minimum elements.

There is no need to take up all available space of a design, as passers-by will get lost in the huge amount of information, and will not memorise anything at all. Also between the background and the name there must be the contrast, so that even in bad weather people could see and understand what you want to convey to them.

3. The main only!

Since the eye contact time of Customers with a sign is limited, you clearly need to define what is most important to them. You should place only the information that will attract the attention of passersby. It will interest and encourage them to visit your establishment .

4. External and internal correspondence .

In order not to mislead buyers, you clearly need to define what level the sign should correspond to. We have in mind that if you fancy goods of "luxury" class, you should not accept the structure which is suitable for low-budget store. Coming inside and noticing the goods cost, the visitors will be surprised. On the other hand, if your products are designed for the average consumer, the sign corresponding to the "premium" will scare off visitors. You need to try to combine harmoniously your product and style to your sign.

5 . Uniqueness.

Your sign should be unusual, attractive and enticing that much, so the person who went for a loaf of bread, seeing it, would decide that his first intention was to head to you!

6. Reason out every detail in advance.

Оригинальные вывескиОригинальные вывески

Do not leave the preparation on the last day before opening your establishment because to make a quality sign in such short term is simply impossible. Think about all the material that could be used for its production, so the sign will not fade, crack and survive all the whim of the weather, calculate all the stress, ways of mounting and installation. Of course, rely on the help of experts. Then your sign will be clearly fulfill its destiny.

ART PYRAMIDA GROUP team is always ready to help in making the signs of all types of structures: the engineers will calculate all the loads that the sign must withstand. the designers will pick up a stylish , rich design and manufacture will embody the idea to life , your business to work for you .