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Sign Industry World. Release 2

Hello, friends! This is the second issue of the Sign Industry World online newspaper. Enjoy reading it!




There are new products in the global market:

Interactive table

This is a touch screen with a computer that will allow you to interact with digital content using simple and straightforward movements without the need for auxiliary devices.

Интерактивный столИнтерактивный столИнтерактивный стол

The benefits of this table :

 - Since its work surface is large enough, several users can work simultaneously within the surface of this table

-the chance to use this table as a space in the process of negotiations.

- Ideal navigation for shopping centers, because the buyer can select desired shop, learn its location and the route to it, and even see what he can purchase, and which sales are held in a particular store.

- This is a new, memorable, interactive form of communication with clients, who will always be associated with your company.

- Savings on training and maintaining a large number of consultants.

- The integrity, completeness and timeliness of the provided information.

- Awareness about promotions and sweepstakes of the Company.

- Information visualization for better it perception (charts, diagrams, photos , videos ).

- Storing and providing all the information about the Customer and its history.

- Reducing the time of work with the client through a quick and easy interface.

- Personal Service .

- Individual design and development of a program to deal with all the problems and wishes.

This interactive table is already available for Ukrainian consumers. So if you eager to impress customers and make your business easy for them, then this know-how is for you !



It is well said:

«Minimize advertising to save money is the same as stopping the clock to save time"  Aldous Huxley

Did you know?

A little advertising history.

1. One of the earliest examples of advertising was the prayer book advertising in 1477. It was printed in the form of a declaration. In 2013, this ad celebrates 536 anniversary.

2 . In ancient Rome there were special information walls, they were called "albums ." By means of charcoal or paint they were painted white and drawn with equal rectangles that were filled with advertisements and news, .

3 . The existence of sign industry comes from the ancient times, namely it is the 1st Century AD. The portrait of a woman was carved on the plate, which in that period was manufactured mostly of marble, at the Marble Avenue in the city of Ephesus. In this picture her heart was pierced in several places and the left foot, which was showing the direction. It was an advertisement for a public house.

4 . Nowadays, billboards are very common way of advertising, but few people know that they came to our culture from West Virginia in the United States , in the late XIX century. The tobacco company was the first who wrote the slogan sample on the rural barn wall.

5 . At the end of XVII and beginning of XVIII century sign industry appeared in Moscow, where they made signs in the form of artificial objects or bulky panels with inscriptions and images that informed passers-by about the name of the institution and its activities.

6. In 1785, Catherine II issued a decree of the craft position, according to which all the masters, journeymen and apprentices owning different craft, were recorded in the craft shop. Shops were subordinated to Guilds Council, who claimed the form and purpose of a sign.

7. In 1897, in St. Petersburg the first exhibition of posters and posters was held. There were collected more than 700 posters from different countries.

8. At the same time, some of the traditions of the manufacturing profession of signs began to appear. For example, a huge pince-nez with blue glasses and an iron frame could hang over the entrance at the stores that sell glasses. Watchmakers placed pocket watches, wooden or tin above the entrance. The information about the owner of the shop (name and surname ) were written on the clock face. Also to paint signs using gold on a dark background for bakeries, shops with sweets and other such institutions was accepted. But the most popular image for the bakery was considered a composition of a pretzel with two lions, or a pyramid of rolls and bread, collected on a black background in the form of a yellow triangle.

Старые вывескиИстория наружной рекламыСтарые вывески

9. In the middle of the XIX century, sign industry had become not only an excellent informative source, but also a wonderful decoration for the streets. A variety of advertising structures began to appear on the streets of cities pillars, tables with posters, etc.

10 . In the 1920s, hand-drawn signs were replaced by typography and photomontage. Also, people started applying illuminated advertising. It was a placard pasted on the street and projector illuminated at night.

11. In 1930, sign manufacturing workshops partially merged into the factory of light and art work. The rest gradually ceased to exist. And since that time the factory appeared, sign production for shops became standardized, and typical signs were designed. In 1932, in the Soviet Union, the factory started producing light signs.

12. Since 1946, the production of gas-discharge signs has begun to grow, expanding even color palette. And in 1956 even the project "The development and improvement of Neon commercial advertising " was approved by the Ministry of Trade of the USSR. This project claimed the instructions on the neon signs and attitudes handling. The common form of contract for maintenance of structures of this type was adopted as well.

13. The 1950's fashion is such called signs, brackets ( end light boxes ), which are produced with the double panels usage. They were readable from both sides.

14. In the 60s and 70s the organization of some ministries like "Rostorgreklama ", " Soyuztorgreklama ", " Glavkooptorgreklama " and others began to appear. Also art-decorating shop were opened, many promotional publications were printed and even commercials were shot .

Since then, the production of sign has leaped forward and today we can observe a huge variety of different signs. The company ART PYRAMIDA GROUP is also not lagging behind the progress. We are using the most advanced technologies in the sign production for our clients.

Simply a masterpiese: Neon extravaganza

Шедевры наружной рекламыШедевры наружной рекламыШедевры наружной рекламы

Curious things: Signs made ​​in China

Смешная рекламаКурьезы наружной рекламыРекламные курьезы

Important news:

Выставка рекламы и маркетинга

Advertising and Marketing Exhibition

The 2nd Forum of participants of sign industry market.

On September 27th, at the XVII International Exhibition of Advertising and Marketing REX -2013, a forum of participants of sign industry market will be held, organized by the Ukrainian Association of Visual Industry ( UAVI ) .

The program of the event will include the quarterly report of the association about the accomplished work. The sign industry manufacturers will discuss the standards and ways of its implementation. The very important and topical issue of the permits for signs placement obtaining will also be considered. Alexander Andreyev will be the speaker of this topic, he is the head of the Licensing and Approval system Department of the Government Service of Ukraine on Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship Development

Of course, the participants will not pass such a theme party as requirements in the outdoor advertising : its purpose , who wins - the manufacturer or the Client and the criteria of victory for both sides ?

And in the end results will be summarized and planned tasks for the IV quarter.

The important thing is that the forum is completely free for everyone , so if you have a desire to change the visual industry for the better - welcome!


September 27th, 2013 ,

Kiev, Exhibition center "Kiev Expoplaza "

Conference Hall 3, from 2 to 6 o’clock in the afternoon.

To participate you just need to write (with the request to register ) an e-mail to director@uavi.com.ua or call +38 044 520 25 02 , +38 097 985 14 15

We will keep you informed about all the most interesting events of the sign industry world!

We wish you success and prosperity!


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