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Large format printing

  • Large format printing
    Large format printing is often used in interior design. Very impressive! This is one of the essential elements in the design of service centers Kyivstar.
  • Large format printing
    Using a large-format printing, you can make a very attractive window shop and display the establishment subject. This sort of visual advertising is being used by chain store “Flora”
  • Large format printing
    Our high quality printer can make the images on the planes of all sizes. The colors are always bright, saturated and correspond to a corporate style!
  • Large format printing
    Descartes is our regular customer and always orders a large-format printing on banners for shops outdoor decoration.
  • Large format printing
    Very well-executed development of shop branding is windows binding with Oracal film, on which a large format printing is applied. This method is being actively purchased by many stores, including Mobilochka.
Large format printing Large format printing Large format printing Large format printing Large format printing

Nothing works as effectively to a potential buyer as a qualitative outdoor advertising. Paying attention to the signboards and banners, your future buyers snatching information, unconsciously remember names. It takes some time, and yesterday’s passer becoming a client of your company already. Mass access works perfectly. Your advertising reve nue in the fastest time will pay for itself, and the return on proper valid outdoor advertising will be much more than resources invested in it.

One of the most popular types of outdoor advertising is a large format printing.

Large format printing is high quality and long lasting image that attract everyone. Such advertising, due to the size and color, effects on all people. In addition, large format printing is the most budget option of outdoor advertising, with which you will be able to convey information to the target audience.

Creating of outdoor advertising is a technologically complex process involving a number of technologies for the development of models, fabrication and installation. Unprofessional solving problems can ruin the overall experience, and the savings on materials will reduce the life of promotional items.

If you are going to book an outdoor advertising, you should trust the professionals in this business.

The company ART PYRAMIDA GROUP successfully operates in the outdoor market since 1997. The main profile of our activity is the production of signboards and various advertising constructions and interior elements. Special attention is paid to such direction as the large format printing.

The production process consists of several stages:

1. Development of technical specifications, taking into account requirements of the client.
2. Manufacturing of a layout involving the best designers.
3. After approval of the design of an advertising model - production.
4. Qualitative installation and service.

To obtain best results, our experts use modern professional equipment and high-quality consumables.

All products manufactured by us are guaranteed products.

The company ART PYRAMIDA GROUP operates in cities like Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Odessa, Donetsk and other regions of Ukraine and in Crimea.

With the latest technology, now large format printing has excellent quality, real, vivid picture of any possible size. When using digital wide-format printing equipment, are excluded inconsistencies and inaccuracies, as well as problems with seams. Image that consists even of several parts (paintings), at the end of installation looks as a unit, which is a big plus of large format printing.

Outdoor advertising is a powerful tool to inform consumers that makes your business visible and profitable!