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Neon Signs

  • Neon
    A very impressive and exclusive outdoor design neon restaurant Orient Express has repeatedly won prizes in competitions for outdoor advertising.
  • Neon
    Very original and memorable solution - neon thread clearly follow the contours of the car ... This is an exclusive accessory in interior design complex Road Star.
  • Neon
    We are proud of our creation, a neon lamp “Infinity”. It is located in our office and everyone can see it. You can watch it endlessly ...
  • Neon
    What could be better than a combination of beautiful design and bright neon threads? In our opinion it is a very proper development of the virtual interior.
  • Neon
    Very stylish and colorful advertising design with neon lures visitors to the restaurant Melrose (Dnipropterovsk city)
  • Neon
    Bright and original advertising design for beauty salon is the right move in the direction of a successful business. The beautiful half of humanity has appreciated it.
Neon Neon Neon Neon Neon Neon

Currently, outdoor advertising plays a very important role in the development of various spheres of business. One of the most effective ways to attract attention, to promote a product or service is a neon signboard.

Neon signboards are advertising constructions, which earned their recognition all around the world.

Neon can be used as well in foreign as in domestic interior design. It is always bright, stylish and reliable advertising construction, which does not leave anyone indifferent.

Neon advertisement due to its characteristics can be used both day and night time, which distinguishes it from other kinds of promoting products or services.

Company ART PYRAMIDA GROUP  is one of the leaders of outdoor advertising producers for more than 15 years. This is due, above all, with the proper competitiveness and unlimited confidence of customers and partners who have appreciated all the advantageous sides of close cooperation with us.

Outdoor neon advertisement is built with the latest foreign equipment, which not only gives the maximum reliability to construction, but a very effective appearance.

We produce and sell even the most difficult advertising projects, the prices of which have a relatively small range of variation.

For maximum comfort and convenience of purchasing of goods, the company is producing in Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Kharkov, Donetsk, Odessa, Crimea and other regions of Ukraine.

Manufacturing of neon advertisement by our company will satisfy even the most demanding customer. Also, the projecting and implementation of an order is carried out with the direct participation of the customer, eliminating the divergence of preferences. Design layout is provided for free.

As the development of advertising industry, neon signboard gets the most diverse styling and performs its’ direct functions even better. A multifaceted design decisions contribute to this. Also, modern technology of production allows to make each component of advertising signboard independent, which makes it possible to perform even the most complex ideas. Thousands of people have already appreciated the benefits of working with us. You can rate the quality of our work, which no doubt will make your business visible and profitable.