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Servicing advertising signs: washing, repairing signs

Today at every step there are visual advertising: signs, billboards, roof constructions, steles and signboards, etc. For successful career launching or consolidating the position in the market, without an advertising can not be possible. It is important to remember that a clean and presentable advertising design - is a key to the success of your business and good image. Blown bulb, damaged signs, sun-bleached colors - all these things leave a negative mark on your reputation and your customers' opinion of you.

It is therefore important to carry out preventive maintenance work that will keep your signboards and other advertising structures in decent form.

 Company Advertising Art Pyramida Group quickly and efficiently arrange for services such as:

  • Repairing signs of any difficulty in the direction of outdoor advertising;

  • Washing signs and other advertising structures and components;

  • Pasting, measurements and calculations;

  • Assembling and disassembling of advertising structures;

  • Replacing items (lamps, LEDs, and other parts) of visual advertising;

  • Checking all structural and electrical connections, etc.

  • Taping windows by means of promotional film;

  • Installing banner designs;

  • Manufacturing of interior elements (consumer corners, a click-box, business equipment, products made of acrylic)

High-class experts will arrive quickly to install new or repair existing signboards.

in our Company, apart from fixing and service signboards, we make visual advertising on any subject. A quality warranty and post-warranty repairing of visual advertising, reconstruction products has given the option to the Company Art Pyramida Group of becoming an uncompromising leader in the industry and ensuring the reliability and quality of the work.

There are cities such as Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Crimea, Odessa, Ukraine, and others use the services of our Company.

You can apply for the service issues: cleaning, maintenance, repairs, please call signs

+38 050 971 16 27,

+38 067 634 11 33

or write an E-mail to service@art-piramida.com