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A sign for the pharmacy

  • For pharmacies
    External design of a pharmacy plays an important role in the customer\'s choice. It is important for design to be of high quality and notable that potential customers could easily find a pharmacy.
  • For pharmacies
    The outer design of the pharmacy different materials may be used. LEDs look particularly impressive, it is very bright and noticeable.
  • For pharmacies
    Very popular and effective way to attract attention is a dynamic LED cross. So much noticeable and informative!
  • For pharmacies
    A very important element in the interior design of pharmacies is a subject heading. They clearly inform staff and customers about their rights and responsibilities. They need to be adjusted accordingly to corporate identity.
For pharmacies For pharmacies For pharmacies For pharmacies

Company ART PYRAMIDA GROUP does not just manufacture but offer a comprehensive promotional product that works for the future of your pharmacy!

For the exterior design, we offer:

Front signboards, dynamic LED crosses, design showcases, visors, facing front composite panels, banner constructions, etc.

The interior design:

Banners; consumer corners; click-frame; pavement signs; working schedule; signs "open-closed", internal light boxes, interior elements, racks, acrylic products, etc.

We will do everything we can to make your business remarkable and profitable!