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The sign for the car dealership

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Integrated design showroom and service station

         Integrated advertising design center showroom or service, to create a corporate identity and uniqueness. Using this approach, we approach the design space of each zone separately. We understand that advertising is on everyone's mind and must look perfect.
         For what would competently arrange car center or service, we take into account many factors, area, floor plans and of course the wishes of the customer.
        The complex, promotional items, give excellent results - noticeable and mashtabnykh advertising design collateral recognition, security and reliability
      External design. In accordance with corporate standards we use different design proposals. Our design team uses the following elements:
  • roof installation
  • illuminated signs with logo
  • awnings
  • pylon
  • Stella
  • volumetric logos
  • lighting columns
  • console
  • façade cladding composite panels
  • pointers
      Interior design. Using corporate identity, provide the unity of all the objects that will allow users to easily find the brand or model only external signs. I must say that we produce both standard and non-standard elements of advertising:
  • illuminated signs
  • corners of the consumer
  • banners (navigation system)
  • clip-frame
  • internal light boxes
  • shop equipment
  • rack
  • interior Features
         Integrated design with corporate identity significantly increases the effectiveness of advertising. On their own corporate identity elements are advertising.
         In shaping the image of automotive interior very important distinguishing features that will arise from the consumer.
         Furthermore, the outer clearance should be informative and prompt action. Properly executed design can perfectly present car or SRT.
         An excellent solution in the design of the showroom is a complex order.
PYRAMID ART GROUP provides a full range of services:
  • design
  • design
  • production
  • delivery
  • installation
  • services
  • Harmonization of authorization documents
With us to work easily and comfortably! We will make your business noticed!
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