контакты Арт-Пирамида

A sign for a restaurant, cafe and bar

  • For restaurants and cafes
    Large letters on the facade of the establishment are always visible and original. Well-developed design and quality production is a formula for successful business.
  • For restaurants and cafes
    Uniqueness is what we need to attract restaurants potential customers. Visually processing the sign people define the internal atmosphere of a place and decide to go there or not.
  • For restaurants and cafes
    Interior design of any establishment can be very original and beautiful. Even an average pointer can be exclusive and it will be your highlight.
  • For restaurants and cafes
    We can manufacture any interior elements for your establishment. Exclusive lamps could be a decoration and a business card.
  • For restaurants and cafes
    Neon usage in the internal design is a good call to the uniqueness and success. Neon could be given any very complicated form. It is always bright, visible and exclusive!
For restaurants and cafes For restaurants and cafes For restaurants and cafes For restaurants and cafes For restaurants and cafes

We offer you a complete solution of advertising design for your establishments! This is something that will make your potential customers real and in the future they become regular!

For the exterior design we offer:

Front signboards; Roof installations; End face light boxes; Banner design; Neon and LED elements; Design showcases; Stele, signs, etc.

For the interior design:

Consumers’ corners; Click-frame; Work schedule; The sign "open-closed"; Internal light boxes; Elements of the interior; Trade equipment; Racks; Acrylic products (paper holders, napkin holders, table-tents, etc.) Informative displays.

Especially for you we will develop and produce exclusive interior elements that will highlight the theme and the uniqueness of your establishment!

We will make your business remarkable and profitable!