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A sign for the shopping center

  • Outdoor design mall Port City
    Eye-catching and bright construction. It attracts and lures more and more customers due to its big size
  • Outdoor design mall Port City
    It emphasizes style and attracts customers.
  • For shopping centers
    External design of the shopping center is very important, as it is the first thing a potential customer sees. Signs help to create the first impression of shopping center
  • For shopping centers
    For large shopping centers we recommend a roof advertising designs. They are visible from afar and convey the magnitude of the center.
  • For shopping centers
    There are hundreds of stores inside the shopping center. We offer external and internal design for different stores that will match the style of the brand and the quality of the product.
  • For shopping centers
    You can always make your shopping and entertainment center stylish and original, having issued its exclusive features, such as bright lights.
  • For shopping centers
    Even a regular ladder can be adorned the way it will decorate the entire shopping center. We can execute the interior elements of any complexity!
Outdoor design mall Port City Outdoor design mall Port City For shopping centers For shopping centers For shopping centers For shopping centers For shopping centers

The company ART PYRAMIDA GROUP is on outdoor market since 1997. We do not just manufacture but offer a comprehensive promotional product that works for the future of your company!

We have everything to make your mall visible and attracting maximum visitors.

For the exterior design, we offer:
Front signboards; lighting columns; roof installations; end face light boxes; banner constructions; design showcases; neon and LED elements; facing front composite panels; stele, signs, etc.

For the interior design: banners; consumer corners; click-frame; pavement signs; working schedule; the sign "open-closed"; internal light boxes; elements of the interior; trade equipment; racks; acrylic products; inland navigation; informative displays.

A comprehensive approach will help make the exterior and interior design of your shop stylish, informative and memorable, with full conformity with brand-book and corporate style.

Contact our manager or leave a request and we will make your business remarkable!